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Don’t talk, Kiss

Cartoon from Talk, Don't Kiss by Enzo Apicella

I have books. Many, many books. So many, that from time to time I have to have book culls.

Unfortunately, once I’ve picked the books off the shelf that I’ve decided to banish, they end up sitting in a pile on the floor of my study. And there they wait, alongside the other books that aren’t going anywhere, somewhat defeating the object of the whole exercise.

My wife, who has no such attachment to the printed word, actually made my study a little tidier by dispatching the latest pile to a secondhand bookshop/charity shop/bonfire of her choice. Before she did, she pulled out ‘Don’t Talk, Kiss’ by Enzo Apicella, saying “This looks significant – I thought you might want to keep it”. She wasn’t wrong.

Back in the days when I was half-designer/half-cartoonist, Enzo Apicella was one of my heroes. I loved his drawings and his wit. I also loved that fact that he created the corporate identity/interior design of the Pizza Express chain. And I really loved the neon Pizza Express logo in the window that used his handwriting as the typeface. I used to fantasise about him sitting inside a Pizza Express, possibly eating an American Hot, while effortlessly drawing another fabulous cartoon. I think I imagined that’s how cartoonists worked.

I’m glad I was re-acquainted with this book, a book that I had completely forgotten I owned. Mmm… I think it’s time for another book cull…

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