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iCame, iSaw, iPurchased

After failing to be the first person on my block to get an iPad, I was determined to get the new iPhone 4 as soon as it arrived from Chi…, er, Apple. I couldn’t order one online as I received an Apple gift Card with a rather generous amount on it for my 50th birthday (courtesy of Mrs K) and you can’t redeem Apple gift cards online. So, to the Apple Store Chapelfield I ran, one sweaty lunchtime, to reserve my new handset from heaven. It was a really nice experience, as the girl who reserved my phone also got me an iPad then and there, by cancelling my when-is-it-ever-going-to-arrive iPad order (I hadn’t pre-ordered and the expected arrival times for the next delivery was quite a way off). Leaving the store, my instant gratification box ticked, I floated back to work on a Mac high (iHigh?).

The following week, and another sweaty lunch hour, I hot foot it back to Apple Store Chapelfield to collect my new iPhone. The queue for the reserved phones seemed a lot bigger than I expected, but I thought as long as I can collect it pretty soon and not be late back for work, all will be well. I had cannily sorted out my micro sim with O2 the day before, transferring my number to it and placing it into my existing phone, where it was waiting to be popped out and placed into the new handset.

However, it’s then I suddenly realised with a Hitchcockian zoom-in/dolly-back that I had left my furshlugginer Apple gift card at home and therefore wouldn’t be able to collect my phone after all. Worse still, my reservation email clearly states that the reserved phone will only be held until the end of the day. My shoulders drooping, I approached a member of the Apple staff (iStaff?), tears welling up in my eyes, and asked in a voice now cracking with emotion, if my reservation will still be honoured the next day. The very nice Appleman tells me that all reservations will be held until close of business Sunday, so don’t worry, there, there, did you want a tissue sir, OK please let me go, this is embarrassing, SECURITY!!

And so, you’ve guessed it, the following sweaty lunchtime finds me cycling back to Apple Store Chapelfield at warp factor 11, only to find no queue (although after I explained what I was there for, they asked me to wait at the head of the empty ‘reserved iPhone line’ ?!?) – I was then given my brand spanking new iPhone, where it was activated immediately, micro sim popped in and hey presto, suddenly I am a fully paid up member of the 21st century. Having spent a small fortune with Apple over the last two weeks (helped by Mrs K and some lovely people in my village who also got me an Apple gift card) I think now it’s time to cool it. After all, I can’t keep spending all my comics money on technology.

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