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Fri-llustrator-day #39

Illustration by Thomas Wellmann.

I discovered today’s Fri-llustrator while looking at past Fri-llustrator Jonathan Edwards’ brilliant side project Draw Serge. Navigating through the many fantastic illo’s of Serge, I nearly fell off my seat as I saw the contribution by Thomas Wellmann.

Illustration by Thomas Wellmann.

Drawing away from his secret HQ in Cologne, Germany, Mr Wellman is turning out animations, comics, character designs and game design/concepts. I absolutely adore his quick, scratchy, drawings – it’s been ages since an illustrator has fired me up as much as he has.

Illustration by Thomas Wellmann.

As usual with an illustrator who’s work I’m crazy about, I really didn’t know what to show you and what to leave out, therefore I beg, plead, nay, beseech you to visit the Thomas Wellmann website where your eyes will receive such a rich visual feast they may well burp afterwards.

All images © 2010 Thomas Wellmann.

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