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Gosh! It’s Clowes and Ware!

Jack Kirby’s Orion holding up postcard advertising the Dan Clowes/Chris Ware signing at Gosh Comics

Yesterday I met my friend Mark in the queue for the Daniel Clowes/Chris Ware/Comica/Gosh-Comics-signing-thingy in London. We had made a special effort to be there – I came all the way from Norwich (gasp!) and Mark came all the way from Bath (wow!) – however, while we were chatting to people in the queue we discovered someone had come all the way from Denmark. But we think he only did that to make Mark and I look silly (and no one likes a show off). Anyway, because we’d joined the queue really early, we were in the first group of people to meet Messrs C & W. As we entered the basement we saw some other famous comic creators, who had come for a brief pre-signing chat, (namely Rian Hughes and Sean Phillips) take their leave. When we met our heroes I was unusually stuttery and tongue-tied, but I managed to tell them I used to work in Chicago (where I bought my copy of Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid On Earth from Graham Crackers Comics in the loop) and they were both as charming and friendly as you’d imagine them to be.

My Chris Ware signed Lambiek calling card

Chris Ware signed my Jimmy Corrigan and my two Lambiek comic/business cards (above, one signed for me, the other for Number One Son), while Daniel Clowes signed my copy of Wilson (below). I had also bought Ghost World, but felt bad about asking him to sign that as well. Once outside, Mark and I felt giddy and elated and set off for lunch at Ed’s Easy Diner, before visiting Forbidden Planet and the new, larger, improved Orbital comics.

My signed copy of ‘Wilson’ by Daniel Clowes

I’d like to thank Mark once again for the copy of Comic Art, Issue Seven featuring an article about Harvey Kurtman’s post-Humbug freelance career. Mark said he bought it for me as I was the only person nuttier about Kurtzman than he is (which is true) – or was it I was just nuttier than he is (which is also true).

Here’s to the next time, Comic Comrade!!

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mark wild said on May 27, 12:01 pm:

Hey that was some day, one to remember. Our friend in the queue may still be there, banging on to whoever will listen!
Cheers fellow traveller.

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