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Fab Friday @ jQuery For Designers

I went to London last Friday to attend the jQuery For Designers workshop with the terrific Remy Sharp. Organised by Stuff & Nonsense as part of their For A Beautiful Web evangelism, I was really looking forward to having my mind expanded jQuery-wise. Doing my best zombie impersonation after catching the bleary-o-clock train to London, I emerged from Euston Square tube where my iPhone gently led me to Wallacespace St Pancras, the fabulous venue for this workshop. Finally finding the correct door/floor after going through every other one, I then proceeded to mistakenly use the Ladies loo (it was still early for me, officer) much to the amusement of the lady who came in after me. Red faced, I went off to register and sat down quickly before I did anymore damage.

The workshop itself was brilliant – Remy Sharp did a fantastic job explaining core jQuery concepts, including best practices in how to place, as well as implement your jQuery, along with great little ’gotchas’ that ironed out small, but annoying bugs in a couple of popular effects (like adding animation height offset to accordians to kill any jumping and adding .stop() to kill effects queues building up). Along with his greatly informative slides (given to all delegates as pdfs before things kicked off) he provided a comprehensive list of jQuery resources and gave everyone a lesson in how to use Firebug/FireQuery with Firefox to, you’ve guessed it, debug/query web pages. Really, there was enough information to create a two-day workshop (as evidenced by a couple of the exercises Mr S had prepared but we were unable to look at as time ran out) but it made for a incredibly stimulating and informative day – I recommend anyone interested in keeping on the cutting edge of web design to give these For A Beautiful Web workshops a look. AND I got to meet Andy Clarke and had a butchers at his iPad too. A great day.

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