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Lardwatch #44 (back on track with the anti-snack attack)

Yes, after a break of three weeks I am dragging my ever-wobbling frame to the blogging machine to give you further news about my status as worst dieter ever. The latest hiatus in this dieting diary was caused by the crushing blow that saw my new exercise regime of cycling, swimming and generally not standing still, actually deliver a weight gain of two pounds. The following week I kept those pounds and the week after that, I couldn’t even face the scales. I did, however, start to cut down what I ate for lunch (after shooting myself in the foot with well meaning salads that were, unfortunately, smothered in olive oil) by having only a roll with a simple, single filling with an apple and maybe a soup (or maybe not). And guess what? That small reduction of fat feeding has actually shed two and a half pounds!

Fingers crossed for more weight-loss next week…

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Rob said on Mar 29, 10:16 am:

Great news Steve. We’ll turn you into a runner before you know it!

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