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Astro Boy – The Movie

Still from Astro Boy, the movie

I took Number One Son to see Astro Boy, Imagi Animation Studios’ movie of the long running series created by the late, great god of manga, Osamu Tezuka. I wasn’t really expecting much as I thought it might stray too far away from Tezuka’s version and worried it might be given a Hollywood-type makeover, instead they remained pretty much faithful to Tezuka’s manga.

The CGI animation was superb and I really loved the design of the robots Imagi created as well as the design of the buildings and interiors for Astro’s home, Metro City. My only small quibble came from some of the voice acting which at times I felt was a little lacklustre, which was surprising given the acting talent attached to this movie (Freddie Highmore, Nicholas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Samuel L Jackson). However, both Number One Son and I loved the movie and will be grabbing the DVD when it’s released on March 16th. Check out the fantastic Astro Boy movie website for more info, trailers and other goodies.

Image © 2009 Imagi Crystal Limited/Summit Entertainment LLC/Tezuka Productions Co, Ltd.

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Term Papers said on Mar 12, 08:50 am:

Sound Like it is a good movie

Jodi said on Apr 9, 09:03 am:

I agree. The animations are great. Makes for a good watch.

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