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Lardwatch #43 (change done come)

Well, now I woke up this mornin’… them two pounds done come and gone. And folks, they’ve been the hardest two pounds I’ve ever shed. I have been swimming like a looney and I have also started cycling to work again. When my boss, Mr Matt ‘20-miles-in-his-lunch-hour-yeah-just-a-short-run-really’ Bullock, heard I that had brought my bike in last Friday, he suggested a 12 mile bike run at lunchtime. We only did ten in the end as he could see I was struggling, but that ride, added to the cycle to and from work, brought the total of miles cycled that day to a grand total of 20. Blimey!

I also had the most active Sunday in years yesterday, combining as it did a freezing seven o’clock in the morning near-ten miles cycle ride to Wymondham, then two hours running around a forest playing Skirmish with Joe at Indy’s birthday party and then an hour cleaning blitz around the house with the Dyson on our return. Phew! Hopefully that will have kick started the next two pounds to exit my frame. Actually, I had a really nice moment yesterday after the Skirmish game – one of the other grown ups said to me “It’s when you run around for two hours that you realise how unfit you are”. I didn’t say anything, ’cos I wasn’t tired. How smug am I? Let’s see if I’m still smug next week…

Below: That’s me on the extreme right, post-Skirmish trying to look hard. And failing. Picture by Claire Holmes.

Steve Kirkendall with Joe and others at Indy’s Skirmish birthday party.

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Comments (3)

Rob said on Mar 8, 06:31 pm:

You’re in the army now!

Jo Runeckles said on Mar 8, 11:20 pm:

Nice hat!

Steve Kirkendall said on Mar 9, 10:09 am:

Thank you – it’s what the well-dressed homicidal maniac is wearing this season.

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