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Fri-llustrator-day #37

'Beard Function' print from Damages Exhibition 1997 by Joe Magee.

This week’s Fri-llustrator is the artist and film-maker, Joe Magee. He began his career as an illustrator working for newspapers, contributing to The Guardian, The New York Times and Newsweek among others. I first saw his work in The Observer, fell in love with it and have followed his career ever since. He famously got sacked from The Daily Telegraph for superimposing ‘certain messages’ (ie rude) in braille on the illustrations he created for them. How any blind person could have read, and therefore taken offence from them remains a mystery (the Telegraph never embosses its type or images).

Palm Reading, 2003, print by Joe Magee

Nowadays he’s a grown-up artist, making award-winning personal work (last year he won a D&AD Award For Outstanding Achievement) covering a wide base of disciplines from print making to moving images (he ran film-making workshops in Vietnam and Singapore for The British Council in 2008) and producing multimedia for Bill Bailey’s stage shows. Also in 2008, Mr. Magee was the focus of a special issue of WERK, a limited edition arts publication based in Singapore.

Steve Jobs, illustration by Joe Magee

See the broad range of his work at the Joe Magee website, Periphery. Featured here, from top:- Beard Function 1997; Palm Reading 2003; Steve Jobs, illustration for The Guardian (forgive the reproduction, it’s from my pin-board).

All images © 2010 Joe Magee

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