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Comics go crowdsourcing

Comic strip panel from High Moon by David Gallaher, Steve Ellis and Scott O Brown as featured on Zuda.

Love comics? You’ll love Zuda. Artists and writers are invited to upload their creations to the Zuda Comics website, where once accepted, the strips are voted for by Zuda’s readers. The winning entries are then granted their own running series. The high quality of the work raises this project head and shoulders above the usual web comic sites and the interface is superb. But we should expect nothing less from Zuda’s parents, DC Comics.

There are some terrific strips. The ones that got my vote were the western werewolves of High Moon (above), the sci-fi manga/bande dessinée style of Goldilock and the noir-ish Night At The Western.

Via @Ske7cher

Image © 2010 DC Comics.

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