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Lardwatch #41 (the lyin’, food-rich and the bathrobe)

No real lardwatch this week folks as Mrs K and I feel so fat we daren’t even get on the scales. Exercise is getting harder to fit in and we had a VERY large meal on Saturday at St Giles House in Norwich. The food so was rich, that our bodies spent all night busily (and noisily) digesting it, instead of turning off the power and allowing us to sleep. And speaking of turning off the power, we had a very unusual end to the evening. As we were sitting in the lounge of St Giles House after our meal, listening to the sofas groan under the weight of our stuffed frames, there was a power cut. Not just at St Giles House, but throughout Norwich City centre. We actually had to give our credit card details by candle light and walk back through a pitch black Norwich, finding our way to the car in the nearby multi-storey car park with a bat that the restaurant had kindly lent us. We did wonder if all of the power had been diverted from Norwich directly to our stomachs to tackle the calorific catastrophe to our diets, but no, EON energy were just having a blip.

Next week on Lardwatch: real news, weightloss and Kristen Scott-Thomas (and I hope you’ll remember that two out of three ain’t bad).

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