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Fri-llustrator-day #35

Illustration by David Libens

I have recently discovered a vast army of cartoonists publishing on the web – the quality ranging from amateur fan art to the slick professional enjoying the freedom to produce more personal work. Not quite sure where today’s Fri-llustrator fits into that, but I don’t care because I really love his work. David Libens is a Belgian cartoonist, based in the US of A, who draws in this wonderful free style that I adore. Drawing literally from his own experience, he makes beautiful, personal comics about life as a transatlantic cartoonist. It’s funny, ever since I discovered Reiser and Wolinski back in 1981, I go weak at the knees everytime I see lovely loose drawings with French captions.

Bande Dessinée from the David Libens’ sketchbook 1

I’ve illustrated this post with some of my favourite pages from his sketchbooks that he posted on his page at grandpapier.org and if you enjoy the wealth of material you see there, check out Badaboum Twist, David Libens personal blog.

Bande Dessinée from the David Libens’ sketchbook 2

All images © 2010 David Libens.

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