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Lardwatch #39 (the darkest chocolate, er, hour before the dawn)

Steve Kirkendall as The Incredible Bulk!

Oh, dear – so much for being thinner this week… well, it was my 50th birthday, wasn’t it? I didn’t eat or drink much at all at my party, but we had my Canadian relatives staying with me in the week surrounding my big day, and we were having it large every night with them (we havn’t seen them for five years), plus there was Mrs K’s birthday meal at Pizza Express, which didn’t do me any favours. And that is why, gentle reader, I have gained a whopping four pounds this week!

However, I am now back on the bike and eating salads at work and like I said last Lardwatch, now the big five-oh is passed, it’s time to kill the flab. Good news next week, promise!!

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