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Lardwatch #37 (kill the Lardosaurus!)

Steve Kirkendall as Lardosaurus

So, how have the Christmas holidays affected my weight? If I tell you that there is now a faint booming sound (à la Jurassic Park) everytime time I take a step, that I need a small crane to lift me out of of bed and that all of my clothes are as tight as a drum skin, that should give you some idea of how much weight I’ve gained over Christmas. To put it bluntly, I have gained a whopping five pounds! As Daffy Duck would say “…of course, you know this means war…” As soon as my upcoming 50th birthday bash on January 16th (and Mrs K’s birthday meal three days later) is over, I am seriously going on a diet, with lashings of exercise. As you’ve probably gathered, time and motivation weren’t with me last year, and even though I don’t mind being a pound or two overweight, I can’t let this slide any further.

Watch this space!

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Jo Runeckles said on Jan 5, 09:36 am:

SO over the entire year what was your weight change? Just interested!

Steve Kirkendall said on Jan 5, 10:47 am:

Not good – I actually ended the year heavier. I think that my work/home schedule killed the exercise regime and it was downhill from there. But, after my party, I’m going to live in a monastery in Great Melton (I can’t afford The Priory) leaving only when I look like Brad Pitt. Or Angelina.

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