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Santa senta me...

Steve Kirkendall holding ’The World Of Steve Ditko’ by Blake Bell.

Did you all have a lovely Christmas? We certainly did at Kirkendall Towers. Of course, being a certain age, I didn’t get the truckload of presents that Number One Son and The Daughter received, but what I did get was wonderful. Three presents in particular had me grinning from ear to ear with joy. The first came from Mrs K and ’twas ‘The World Of Steve Ditko’, the brilliant retrospective of Mr Ditko’s work by Blake Bell, featuring page after page of fabulous Ditko artwork.

Batman bag

The other, also from Mrs K, was this unbelievably fab Batman bag – not only was it just like the Adidas and Puma sports bags we used to use for school in the seventies, it also pushed the nostalgia level to the very top by smelling strongly of pvc (this is a good thing), exactly like those bags did back in the day. Plus it features a seventies design of Batman (possibly a Dick Giordano illustration) with the seventies Bat-logo too.

Zipper detail of Batman bag

The bag also has some amazing little details – like the Bat-logo used for both the label and the zipper. Nice!

Label detail of Batman bag

And last, but not least, is this amazing recycling bin from my brother-in-law. He said as soon as he saw it he thought of me. It’s called Ovetto (little egg in Italian) and from a distance it actually does look like me (put my spectacles on it, and the likeness is uncanny). It really is a thing of beauty, looking like it has been beamed from a seventies sci-fi movie (again with the seventies, oy!). It now has pride of place in the kitchen and Team Kirkendall has taken to eating our food wearing space helmets in it’s honour.

Ovetto by Gianluca Soldi

So, what did you get for Christmas?

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