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Lardwatch #36 (miracle weight loss)

The Market-Ting-Tings playing at the Virgin Money Marketing Christmas bash.

Blimey! I’ve lost a pound! How this has happened is beyond me – but I think it may have something to do with the hectic few days I had at the end of last week, including some on-the-double roadying for the Marketing-tings gig at the Virgin Money Marketing department Christmas bash (that’s me, extreme right, pioneering the technique of playing the bass without actually touching it). Plus, a speaker landed on my left index finger, rendering it numb for a few days and I can’t eat so much with an injured hand (I always hold my food with both hands like so).

This is the last Lardwatch until the new year, folks. I wonder – how will my first post of 2010 find me – pound-less or porker-face?

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Rob said on Dec 23, 10:45 am:

Perhaps you could you attribute the weight loss down to the magic jacket you’re wearing in the photo?

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