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Lardwatch #34 (a pound pops up from poppadoms)

Cartoon of Steve Kirkendall wearing turban with small weight scales.

I have gained a pound. Well, I have to report weight gain this week, don’t I – after all, I did lose weight last week. And I will probably lose weight again by next Lardwatch if my now famous pendulum-pound-plan is still working. It’s the usual thing – the calorie intake isn’t especially high, but my exercise is extremely low. I did go for a power walk one lunchtime though and even cycled into work last Friday after my part in the protest meeting to promote the creation of a cycle path from Little Melton to Hethersett – MP Richard Bacon was there, as was Newsround and Radio Norfolk – oh yeah, we were making waves, baby! But I’m afraid I haven’t done myself any favours in the sympathy stakes with my friends after ordering not one, but two starters at a curry house on Saturday night while celebrating Paul R’s 40th birthday. There was a lot of laughter and comments along the lines of “Oh yeah, watching the weight are we, Steve” and “Lardwatch will be interesting this week!” and “Do you have to burp like that?” (that last one was from Mrs. K).


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Jo Runeckles said on Dec 7, 09:10 am:

Oo ho the okey cokey…etc! I did sing it to you at the time on Staurday. No one else even had a single starter……!

Steve Kirkendall said on Dec 7, 10:34 am:

Actually, we were all a bit merry and seeing double. I did order one starter – it just looked like two (cough).

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