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Bye Bye Borders

Exterior of Borders, Norwich, covered with 'STORE CLOSING' signs.

Borders is closing down. Jeremy Leslie of magculture blogged a month ago that about 20 branches would be left open, and I had hoped that one of them would be the Norwich branch, but as you can see from my snap above, that won’t be the case. Saying this is a shame is a massive understatement. When Borders arrived in Norwich, taking one of the larger units in our new Chapelfield shopping mall, it was a very happy day for me. Not only did they have a better and bigger range of titles than other book sellers in the city like Waterstone’s, WH Smith and Ottakar’s (before they were bought by Waterstone’s) but also, and best of all, they had a fantastic range of magazines. This meant I didn’t have to schlepp all the way to London to get any decent design mags. Plus they had lots of my other favourite magazine titles, again that I only used to be able to pick up in London (Fast Company, Clutter, Real Simple etc). For a book fiend like myself, my local Borders was a home from home. I have spent many hours and sterling in the Norwich branch – even my daughter is crestfallen they’re closing as she’ll lose the Paperchase concession inside (although there is another in the House of Fraser, but she saw me sobbing uncontrollably and wanted to join in).

But please spare a thought for Border’s staff. In Norwich, they apparently don’t know exactly when the store is closing, but whenever it is, they will all be unemployed pretty soon. Also, and I don’t know if this is true of other branches, but the Norwich staff (allegedly) didn’t even know they were closing down until after they put up the ‘STORE CLOSING’ signs. Happy new year, eh?

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