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Fri-llustrator-day #32

State of California by Frank Chimero.

This weeks Fri-llustrator-day takes us back to the US of A, to Missouri specifically, to the office of Frank Chimero. When not teaching design and typography at the Missouri State University, Mr Chimero spends his time illustrating, dividing his time between personal and paid jobs. A recently completed personal project was ‘The States’ – a series of witty illustrations featuring every American state. My favourite is California (above) – a beautiful image, powered by an great idea, as befits someone who cites the late Alan Fletcher as a major influence.

Illustration for ‘Food Futures’ by Frank Chimero.

Check out Frank Chimero’s web site, which is as beautiful and elegant as you’d expect from someone who teaches design and typography and also features a terrific illustration on the homepage (see below). And for more insight into Mr Chimero’s work, visit Frank Chimero’s profile page which lists several interviews with sites like Grain Edit, Fisk, Diskur Disco and Art Culture.

Illustration from the home page of Frank Chimero.

All images © 2009 Frank Chimero.

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