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Lardwatch #33 (wherein I gain another loss)

Cartoon of naked Steve Kirkendall blowing party kazoo.

Well folks, it seems that my desire to lose weight has beaten my lack of exercise and dietary restraint and somehow, the pendulum of poundage hath swungeth again to kill the two pounds I put on last week. I know, I can’t believe it either. Bearing in mind that I kinda feel it’s boring for y’all to read “This week I lost x pound(s)” and then the next week, “This week I gained x pound(s)”, I wondered about adopting a different system.

Howabout, if I lose weight, and my body has slightly shrunk, I’ll just post the word “IN” – likewise, if I gain weight and my body has expanded I’ll just post the word “OUT”. That way Lardwatch will be quicker for me to write, you’ll still know what’s going on and then after a few posts, I’ll post “SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT” and if it still keeps happening, I’ll post “WHOA-OOOH THE HOKEY-COKEY!!”. Then we can all bend our knees, stretch our arms and shout “RAH RAH RAH!”.

Just a thought…

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Lord Andrew of Goulding said on Jan 14, 04:45 am:

love the illustration.

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