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Fri-llustrator-day #31

Paul Bommer as a cake by Paul Bommer.

Hello Fri-llustrator fans! This week we’re going to the East End of London to walk up the apples and down the pears to see see me old china*, fellow-Capricorn and flat cap wearer, Paul Bommer. I discovered Mr B’s work via Ellis Nadler’s blog and what lovely gear it is too! He illustrates in one of those ‘looks-easy-until-you-try-it’ styles of drawing – lovely loose, angular marks with every line drawn with a knowing wink to his audience.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Paul Bommer.

Of course you’ll want to see more of his work, so why not whizz along to Paul Blommer’s blog or his spot on the Association of Illustrators web site or visit Paul Bommer’s own site with it’s fantastic home page (below).

Home page of Paul Bommer, Illustration and design.

*(By the way, I don’t really know Mr B, I just got carried away with the rhyming slang).

All images © 2009 Paul Bommer.

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