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Lardwatch #32 (boy keeps swinging)

Hi there, Lardwatchers! Two weeks ago, I was going to kill Lardwatch ’cos I thought the yo-yo weightloss/weightgain thing was boring (ie. gaining a pound one week, then losing it the next, regaining it the week after, losing it again etc, etc). Well, I’m glad you all made me change my mind, as this week the pendulum of poundage has swung harder and faster transforming the two pounds I lost last week, into a two pound weight gain this week! That’s twice the excitement!

Seriously tho’, I am fed up of all this and I wish it was weightloss all the way, but I’m kinda trapped into one of those ‘can’t-take-as much-exercise-as-I’d-like’ periods of my life, coupled with ‘not-really-watching-what-I’m-eating’ periods, thereby giving myself a bit of comfort to forget how fed up I am for not exercising. This is the usual vicious cycle that most people losing weight face and for me, my failure is the lack of exercise. It’s not just the fact that exercise kills calories, but it also makes you feel better and is a great stress buster. And I say this, as the most unathletic, unsporty person you’ll ever meet – so much so, that once in a gym someone mistook me for a piece of furniture. But I digress. I will try to lose those two pounds by next week, gentle reader, and dare to dream that with Christmas and then my 50th birthday approaching, I can keep my weightloss dream alive.

After all, I don’t want people saying “Is he on a yo-yo diet, or is he just breathing in and out slowly?”

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