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So who wants some cheap web dev books?

Pile of web development books Steve Kirkendall is selling.

When I started teaching myself front end web development, instead of doing what any young, smart individual would have done (ie Google everything) I bought myself a few books to get hold of XHTML, CSS and Javascript. However, me being me, a few books turned into a mountain and pretty soon I had all of Waterstone’s web design section residing on my study bookshelves, while their directors took early retirement based on the profits from my web book purchases.

But now I say, enough already! I have too many of these things and it’s time the books find themselves a new home and also to clear the decks for the new comic books I’m planning on buying in the new year (ahem). So, before I put them onto eBay, are there any web designers out there who would like to buy any of the books pictured above? They are all in excellent condition, some could even be described as new (only a few of them could be described as used) – just offer me a fair price, I’ll add a non-rip off postage price and get ’em to you.

Contact me via the comments below – but be quick, they’ll soon be appearing on eBay!

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