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Lardwatch #31 (It’s back!)

Steve Kirkendall’s diet aids – beer, pizza and stress

Well, after I tried to put Lardwatch out to pasture last week, I was inundated by a mountain of emails, blog comments and rude post-it notes demanding that it should continue. And so, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes (or a cake in the oven), Lardwatch lives again!

And amazingly, considering the recent Paris trip, boozy Halloween and general calorie-scoffing, I have actually lost two pounds since last week! How I am doing this I do not know – I can only put it down to my hectic schedule both at home and at work. Anyway, here’s to more good news next week!

(Sings to the tune ‘Hey Jude’) La-la-la-la-la-la-la…. La-la-la-la…. Laaaarrd-watch…

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