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We Loved Paris – Partie Deux

Books by Dupuy and Berberian that Steve Kirkendall bought in Paris.

OK, as promised yesterday, here’s my bande dessinée haul from Album in Paris. As I mentioned earlier, Simon Gane recommended (among others) Dupuy and Berberian, who despite filling the world with wonderful illustrations and strips since the ’80s, I have been blissfully ignorant of. Unique for collaborating in such a way that no-one can tell where one starts and the other begins, they have produced a fantastic body of work. I bought as much as I could carry (and as much as I thought Mrs K and my credit card would tolerate) which made a grand total of five books (I’m not as strong as I used to be). I got two editions of their Boboland albums (‘Bienvenue a Boboland’ and ‘Global Boboland’), a copy of ‘Monsieur Jean’ and a copy of ‘Henriette’. I also bought a retrospective of their work Tout L’Universe De Dupuy Bereberian. I have since discovered from the Dupuy and Berberian page on Wikipedia they have been working solo since 2003, so maybe they felt that now is as good as time as any for a retrospective book. Whatever, I can’t recommend their work highly enough. Check out the Dupuy and Berberian website for more, but if your French is anything like mine, you’ll probably need Google to translate the page for you!

Another little treasure I found was A bas la rentrée! by Jaques Azam about the adventures of a 12 year old schoolboy called Hic. It’s a collection of strips that have appeared in Les Clés de l’Actualité Junior from September 2005 to January 2009. I was attracted to it because of the lively scratchy drawings and lovely colour palette.

Tune in tomorrow for folks for the last installment of my Paris trip – A tout a l’heure!

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Simon Gane said on Nov 3, 11:57 am:

Glad you had a great time, Steve, and many thanks for the plug. Impeccable choices in BD! The L’universe book is indeed a treat.

I once saw one of them doodling in a cafe but regrettably didn’t have guts or handling of French to approach him.

Steve Kirkendall said on Nov 3, 03:38 pm:

Wow – I think I’d have crashed into something…

And thanks again for the tip, Mr.G!

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