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Fri-llustrator-day #29

Illustration by Brian Cronin.

After the last Baltimore-based Fri-llustrator-day, we stay in America for this week’s Fri-llustrator, Mr Brian Cronin. Advised by Milton Glaser in the eighties to leave Ireland and to seek his fortune elsewhere, Mr. C went to New York to try his luck. He picked up work almost immediately and has has never looked back.

Illustration by Brian Cronin.

I adore his work – looking at it I get the same feeling of emptiness and melancoly as I do when I look at a de Chirico (but that’s a good thing in my case) – there’s something other wordly about it somehow. When researching his background for this piece, I was surprised to discover that Ian Pollock was an influence. But when Mr. C left college in the eighties, there was a very healthy illustration scene, including the so-called ‘radical illustrators’ of the UK, which had Pollock as one of their number along with people like Robert Mason, Sue Coe, Robin Harris and George Snow.

Illustration by Brian Cronin.

Have a look at the Brian Cronin site to see more of his work – you may also be interested in the Fred Woodward interview with Brian Cronin over at the Society of Publication Designers site, too.

All images © 2009 Brian Cronin.

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