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Lardwatch #25 (no pain, no gain)

Steve Kirkendall in shopping basket.

Oh dear – nothing to report this week as there’s been no change on the weight front, folks. No loss, no gain. Nuffink, nil, nada, zilch, zero. The only thing I feel I may be losing is the motivation to keep my eye on my weight. Trouble is, I have too much real life going on at the moment to make time for exercise. However, I did turn down the curry in the canteen today in favour of a much-less calorific cheese roll, so that’s a few rolls of flab kept away from my jelly-like body. And as Asda says, ‘Every little Helps’…

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Mark Starling said on Sep 22, 04:20 pm:

Cheese rolls are hardly diet food! And I think it’s Tesco that says every little helps, isn’t it?

Steve Kirkendall said on Sep 22, 04:44 pm:

Er… oh yeah, I knew that… (cough)

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