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New Comics, London, Paris

Joe Kirkendall standing in front of 'Driftwood', Bedford Square, London.

As I mentioned in the Lardwatch below, Team Kirkendall went to London last weekend for a bit of shopping. I was really excited because I was taking Number One Son on a rite of passage tour of my favourite comic shops. We started off in Gosh. I love Gosh. They have a great selection of beautifully presented comics, all smiling at you, willing you to take them home. I patched up holes in my Incognito collection, bought Bat-Manga, a new Chip Kidd/Geoff Spear/Saul Ferris tome about Japanese Bat-tales in the sixties, as well as a beautiful, beautiful book called Paris, by British creators Andi Watson and Simon Gane.

Paris by Andi Watson and Simon Gane

This book alone was worth the trip to London – a wonderful romantic story, sumptuous, stylish drawings with lots of architectural detail, it really made you feel like you were wandering around the arrondissements. It has got to be my favourite graphic novel this year and Watson and Gane are two great new discoveries for me. However, it also came out in 2007, so it’s another late exclusive for you folks! Another late discovery I made was Scott Pilgrim. I picked this up on the Forbidden Planet leg of our journey, after eyeing it for some time and it’s superb! Great characters, great stories and terrific Manga-style illustrations. It’s soon to be a major motion picture, directed by Edgar Wright (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, etc).

By the time we left the ‘Planet (as we cool kids call it), our arms were ape-like with knuckles dragging on the floor, weighed down by our ton of purchases. Which is why we never made it to Orbital as I didn’t think my hernia belt could take any more. That, and Number One Son wanted to go to Harrods… *sigh*

Top: Joe in Bedford Square in front of ‘Driftwood’ by Danecia Sibingo.

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