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Lardwatch #24 (taming the wobble)

Steve Kirkendall as Michelin Man, letting air out of one of his tyres.

Good news – even though I am still wobbling around in my 100% natural fat suit, I have decreased it’s WQ (Wobble Quotient) by one pound. And allowing for the fact that we had it large in London on Saturday and also had a rather extravagant tea last night, I am still confident that I can keep letting the air out of my spare tyre and lose all of my recent weight gain over the coming weeks (it says here).

Fingers crossed!

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Mark Starling said on Sep 14, 10:29 am:

Hey Steve – great little blog you have here! A good read and some tasty link goodness too.

Steve Kirkendall said on Sep 14, 11:10 am:

Shucks – you’re too kind!

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