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I won the cup (and saucer)

Pizza Express coffee cup decorated with drawings by Enzo Apicella

Coffee at Pizza Express is nice for two reasons. One, it’s strong. Two, it comes in these fantastic coffee cups, featuring cartoons drawn by Enzo Apicella. The drawings go all the way around the cup and when you lift it up to have a sip, there’s a nice surprise waiting to you on the saucer.

Pizza Express saucer with Enzo Apicella cartoon

I was telling my mate Dave all about Apicella as our waitress was sorting out the bill. She got involved in the conversation, which resulted with her giving me a cup and saucer to take home. Of course, I’ll never use it in case I break it, but it will make a lovely ornament for my study.

Match that, you global coffee chains!

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