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Lardwatch #21 (happy time making pounds from Bulgaria)

Steve Kirkendall dressed in Bulgarian national costume

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been these last two weeks, wonder no more. I’ve just returned from my summer hols in Bulgaria. Or in my case, bulge-area – I stepped on the scales this weekend and after they’d stopped laughing and wiping the tears from their dial, they said “Weight gain, four pounds”. I did try to point out that two weeks of lying around, drinking beer and eating crisps does not a Charles Atlas make, but they kind of had me over a barrel there.

Now, where’s me hair shirt?

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Comments (3)

Tom Haczewski said on Aug 24, 09:51 am:

What a lovely picture.

Jen said on Aug 24, 10:07 am:

Is it just me, or have you lost a couple of inches? You actually look quite slim, even without that large belt-like think.

Steve K said on Aug 24, 10:24 am:

Ah well, this was half way through the holiday, so maybe I’d only put on two pounds by the time this picture was taken – plus the fact they’d wound that cummerbund thingy REALLY tight!

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