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Scouting for URLs

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’d been invited by fellow Mozilla Webmaker Mentor and first lady of EPIK, Dorine Flies, to help out at the Maker Party she’d organised for the Kent Scouts International Jamboree 2013. Number One Son Joe and I headed southwards to the garden of England the night before in readiness to rise at cockle-doodle-doo-o’clock on Friday morning. Wearing our pure white Mozilla Webmaker t-shirts, Dorine, Joe and I aided by members of Team EPIK set up shop in a hanger size tent with 20 laptops donated for the occasion by those lovely people from Toshiba.

Our Maker Party was led by Explorer Scout and boy genius Mozillian William Duyck, who conducted the assembled Scouts and Guides through introductions, warm up games and paper prototyping before they got down to the serious business of having fun, making movies of their Jamboree week using Popcorn Maker. Joe busied himself with his own project, while I, and several other Mozilla Mentors Dorine had trained weeks earlier, hovered helping out with questions and technical support. Also on hand was Mozillian Melissa Romaine (who organised the launch of Make Things, Do Stuff a brilliant initiative between Mozilla, Nesta and the Nominet Trust that I mentioned here).

Despite the overheated wifi dying and regenerating more times than Dr Who, (it was baking hot inside, which is why we held some other non-tech sessions outside) the Scouts/Guides were able to finish their creations and save them to their respective Webmaker pages. It was fantastic seeing our new Webmakers creating with Mozilla’s online tools, tools they’d only got to grips with earlier that day.

A big thank you to Dorine for organising this event and inviting me to help out. Although maybe next time we should do it somewhere cooler, like maybe the surface of the Sun?

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