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And we’re back

An hour after I finish writing this, I will be back at my desk at Virgin Money, ready to begin yet another challenging year. As ever, I’m hoping for a year of growth, both professionally and personally (except around the stomach). By developing my work skills old and new and striving to be an even better Dad/Husband, I want to look back at 2012 and feel that I’ve scaled another peak, however small. In the last couple of years, I have finally realised that I can’t do everything, that focus is important and that quality time with my family should never be sacrificed for work or study (which is why there was a dramatic decrease in my blogging last year).

I’ve also decided to do more things away from my computer and devices. So, here’s where I start to cook, read more ‘proper’ books (ie not just comics and web development titles) and keep my gym visits regular. I also want to master GarageBand and play more guitar with my son.

How much of the above real life actually lets me achieve, remains to be seen – I’ll let you know in 12 months. And whatever you have planned for 2012, I wish you every success and happiness. And here we go…

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