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Where to bookmark if Delicious disappears

You may have heard, via Twitter or from one of your web designer friends perched on the ledge of an extemely high building sobbing uncontrollably, that Yahoo is ‘sunsetting’ Delicious. Which is corporate-speak for ‘thank you for everything you’ve done, please close the door on your way out’. The official word from Yahoo on the Delcious blog however, is that they are NOT shutting down Delicious, instead they are ‘…actively thinking about the future of Delicious… we believe there is a home outside the company that would make more sense for the service and our users. We’re in the process of exploring a variety of options and talking to companies right now…’ which translates as ‘thank you for everything you’ve done, please close the door etc etc’. No, actually it means that they are selling, not killing it – but if a buyer isn’t found and Delicious ends up pushing digital daises, where might it be best for you to re-home all of your Delicious bookmarks?

Steve Kirkendall's Pinboard homepage

Many people have joined the mass exodus to Pinboard (above), myself included. This ‘anti-social’ bookmarking site, designed to reflect the initial simplicity and speed of Delicious, has a small, one-off fee of $9.16. And that’s at the time I’m writing this, this fee increases the more members it receives (hint: Join now). I’ve been using it for a couple of days and I really like it. Begin by importing your Delicious bookmarks and then configure it to mirror any new bookmarks you place on Delicious in the meantime. It also captures your ‘Read Later’ bookmarks to Instapaper. Wonderful! Other tidy little bookmarking sites you may enjoy include historio.us which allows you to create a personal search engine for your bookmarks, searchable through keywords with an interface that’s almost identical to Googles’. And it’s free until you go over 300 bookmarks; Trunk.ly (below) is simple, pretty and free and saves links from Twitter, Facebook and Delicious, very useful; BlinkList is touted on it’s own site as “like iTunes for web pages. Intuitive, easy to use and incredibly fast” – this is also free and allows migration from Delicious.

Steve Kirkendall's Trunk.ly homepage

If you need more features and want to be part of a community, you could always try Diigo. Like the above sites, you can import your Delicious bookmarks and send new bookmarks to Delicious. As well as saving and sharing bookmarks, it saves ‘highlights’ (chunks of text from bookmarked pages), notes, ‘sticky’ notes, screenshots and pictures. Soon there will be the ability to save audio and other types of documents.

Springpad homepage

Diigo isn’t as pretty as Evernote or the fantastically beautiful and feature-packed Springpad (above) (which deserves a post of it’s own – watch this space), but in the couple of days that I’ve been playing with it, I think I prefer it’s simplicity. I love how the aforementioned page highlights are displayed as chunks of text under the relevant bookmark – amazingly useful when researching and writing as it affords quick access to the important snippets of copy you’ve emphasized.

Diigo’s live web page preview pane in action

But best of all is its ‘Preview’ option (above), which allows the viewing of saved web pages directly inside Diigo (via an accordian-like iframe) with the ability to follow any site links inside this pane. Diigo offers the usual toolbar and a bookmarklet for quick access to it’s main tools as well as a bespoke web highlighter for the iPad. There is also an offline reader for the iPhone and the ability to save to your Android device, too. What’s not to like? Only one thing – the pesky ads. But when you sign up for either a basic ($20 annually) or Premium account ($40 annually) these ads disappear.

licorize home page

Other community sites with extra features include faves, yourversion and the brilliant, gorgeous licorize (above) which like Springpad deserves a post all of it’s own (go look – you won’t regret it). If you are a designer who prefers a more visual experience, some bookmarking sites that may interest you include FAVable, vizited and wonderpage. And you’re probably already bookmarking sites and images with ember, zootool or the aforementioned Evernote. I also discovered a couple of interesting beta’s you might want to check out like Flinkin and the soon-to-be-launched favbot.

It’s a real shame about Delicious, but maybe it will find a home with a sympathetic buyer or it maybe it will be bailed out by it’s users with paid subscriptions. Whatever happens, hopefully you’ll find some of these alternate bookmarking sites of some use. Bookmark away, you fiends!

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