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Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

The Roman Baths in Bath, UK.

Team K has just returned from a brilliant weekend in Bath. We were visiting our friends, Mark and Sophie who’ve been Bath-ers (or whatever the correct term is) for 12 years now. We’ve always said we’d visit, but when fellow comic fiend Mark mentioned Bath’s fab comic shop (American Dream Comics on Walcott Street) we were there before you could say ‘Shazam!’

We stayed just down the hill from Mark and Sophie at the fab Brooks Bed and Breakfast (aptly named as the bed was amazing and so was the breakfast – more toast anyone?) which was our home from home and the storehouse for all the goodies we bought while shopping. The girls got some great clothes and other bits and pieces, while Number One Son and I spent wisely and well on our usual diet of books and comics. The aforementioned American Dream Comics also sold American candy and cereal so we could have feasted on a lot more, but behaved ourselves, saving room for the great grub we ate in Bath. Ah, the food – apart from the great breakfasts in Brooks B&B (so good, I’ve had to mention them twice) Saturday found us having a yummy lunch in the Central Bar and Sunday lunch was a long and leisurely affair with Team K, Mark and Sophie in Jamie’s Italian. We also nibbled on Ben’s Cookies, Bath’s premier diet damager and, of course, we had to visit Pizza Express too (it’s in our contract – long story).

Mrs K listening to the guided tour at the Roman Baths in Bath, UK.

One of the many highlights of the trip was the visit to the Roman baths (top picture), where I made a great joke about Emperor Vesparian, being the Roman creator of the motorcycle, which strangely nobody found funny (that’s Mrs K, above, finding out if that joke is punishable by death). The baths themselves were amazing – even in our internet-fuelled shiny gadget-crazy world, you cannot fail to be impressed by the ingenuity of the Romans. Later in the gift shop, I was amazed to see a children’s book about ancient Rome illustrated by Sam Hiti! Of course, I snapped that up immediately.

Cover of 'The Romans – Life in Ancient Rome' illustrated by Sam Hiti.

Bath is a great place to get your geek on. Future Publishing, those wonderful people who publish two of my favourite magazines .NET and Tap! are based in Bath, as is Carsonifed, makers of web apps, organisers of the Future of Web Apps/Design conferences and also the creators of the online video tutorials from Think Vitamin, of which I am a member. So imagine my surprise and delight on our last day in Bath, when I bumped into to Mr Carsonified himself, Ryan Carson, on George Street. I introduced myself and we had a brief chat – what a nice guy. I then collected Mrs K and the kids who’d been skulking in Cath Kidson and we jumped in the K mobile and headed for home.

Bath, we’ll be back!

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