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Fri-llustrator-day – The Eighth

Destination MoMA website illustration by Brian Biggs

Today’s fab image-maker is the truly wonderful Mr. Brian Biggs. I always try to keep blog posts down to three paragraphs, but I could ramble on and on about how much I love Mr. B’s illustrations. It’s all there – aliens, robots, cars and kids all wrapped up with terrific drawing, great hand lettering and a truly fantastic colour pallette.

Why not treat yourself to a lovely Fri-llustrator-day feast and visit welcome to MrBiggs.com and put a weekend-long smile on your face.

UPDATE: Mr. Biggs gave me permission to show more of his work, so here’s a small selection of the many illustrations I could show you. But, hey, why not visit his site and have a good look yourself!

'Spaghetti Brain' illustration by Brian Biggs

'Birthday Man' comic strip by Brian Biggs

'Race Car' collage by Brian Biggs

Images © 2005-2009 Brian Biggs.

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The ultimate online portfolio

In the same way you can’t eat a Rowntree’s Fruit Pastille without chewing it, I challenge any web designer to look at this site and not to p** themselves laughing.

And the source code is even funnier.

Via Twitter thanks to @mezzoblue.

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Hopefully, soon my weight will be LOST

Cartoon of fat Steve K

After many years of sensible eating, I am now celebrating my first anniversary of eating badly (ie normally). As a result of which, I now look like a cross between Locke and Hurley (ie. bald and fat).

So, the chocolate after tea will be replaced by fruit, I will be turning down the volume on the wine I consume and cutting out some of things I have at lunchtime at work.

I will also start swimming regularly and once I retrieve my bike from the cycle hospital, I’ll start riding again too. I’ll let you know how I get on in little Bridget Jones-syle updates over the coming weeks.

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Fri-llustrator-day – Seven!

Mr Lunch takes a taxi ride

Last weeks post on John Hersey reminded me of another pioneering digital illustrator, J. Otto Siebold. Along with his partner, Vivian Walsh, he created a series of wonderful children’s books which I started collecting as soon as I saw them. Each book boasts in the colophon that “The illustrations in this book were created on an Apple Macintosh computer using Adobe Illustrator software” which was as much a statement of intent as it was a fact.

It’s hard to explain now when we’re all used to seeing incredible digital work, just how much these books looked like they came from another planet when I first saw them in the mid-nineties – not only were they created digitally, but his work was so creative, original and completely free from the digital clichés of the day.

And he’s still going strong. See more Seibold at jottodotcom. All images © 1993-2009 J. Otto Siebold.

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I am now friends with myself on Facebook

Steven K becomes friends with Steve K

No, not really. Another Steven Kirkendall (from Ohio) asked to become my friend after finding me on Facebook. Which got me thinking – I know there are loads of Kirkendalls in the US of A (I should know, I used to be one of them) but how many Kirkendalls, Steve, Steven or otherwise are there here in the UK?

If you’d like to get in touch, why not follow me on Twitter or reveal yourself via this blog post. I look forward to (possibly) getting to know you…

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Fri-llustrator-day – The sixth

You might be surprised/relieved to know that today’s illustrator has nothing to do with comics! When I first started playing around on the internet in 1996, one of the first illustrators I discovered online was John Hersey. He was one of a new breed of digital illustrators who embraced the Mac and the net wholeheartedly and since then has had a series of wonderful, bonkers, online portfolios.

I had the pleasure of commissioning Mr H a couple of times when I worked in Chicago years ago, and I used to enjoy long rambling conversations with him (I do ramble on when I’m talking to someone I really admire).

See why I rate his work so highly by visiting john hersey: illustration. Enjoy!

All images © 2009 John Hersey.

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I watched the Watchmen

Sad Watchman face

I saw the Watchmen last Friday evening. And after a 20 year wait, I must say I was disappointed. Why? Well, ironically enough for a movie based on a graphic novel that moves around in time, it is exactly time that you need to tell this story properly. Terry Gilliam suggested filming it in five one-hour long segments and I think he was right. And it would have been interesting to see it made like a Peter Jackson Lord-of-the-Rings-trilogy-type-jobby.

Don’t get me wrong – the film looked great, the acting was fine and I loved many of the set pieces (including the depiction of Rorschach) BUT because they had a lot of story to get in, a lot of the action and reaction seemed too hasty and superficial and not the justified actions of people trying to right wrongs. And of course the ending wasn’t quite like it was in the book because the film didn’t fit it the necessary sub-plot to explain it. So, in my humble (but entirely correct) opinion, Watchmen never really successfully jumped the 2D to 3D gap like other recent superhero films have (the best examples of this being The Dark Knight and the first couple of X-men movies) to create something that would satisfy a non-comics reader.

My verdict? In the style of Rorschach, I give it two (broken) thumbs up.

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Fri-llustrator-day – Five!

'This Is Fun' illustration by Chris Long for CWC-i Show NYC

Today’s illustrator is Mr Chris Long, creator of beautiful images like the one above. I’ve actually commissioned Chris for a major Virgin Money project I’m working on at the moment and it’s a real thrill for me, as I am a longtime fan.

I say longtime, because before his style transformed into the beautiful elegant thing it is today, he used to draw some strips before he became a ‘proper’ illustrator, (see how I’ve sneakily brought comics into this?) drawing for the sadly missed Escape Magazine and also the NME among others.

To see more work visit the Chris Long Studio site.

Below: Panel from ‘Wideboys!’, Escape Magazine, issue 3, 1983. All images © 2009 Chris Long.

Panel from 'Wideboys' by Chris Long

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