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So we went to New York, already...

Downtown New York City, Brooklyn Bridge in foreground.

Last week, Team K visited the Big Apple. If ever there was a city designed for my family, it’s New York City – it allowed us to do everything in our usual breakneck speed only over there it felt right. Apart from all the grief I got everyday from wearing my Boston Red Socks hat (imagine wearing a Man City scarf in the wrong part of Manchester right now) we were swamped with all the love that could pour out of the big red heart of the I ♥ NY logo. In just four short days we zipped around, bouncing off shops, restaurants, museums and usual tourist sites.

New York City during an electrical storm, as seen from the Empire State Building.

Highlights included (deep breath):-
Dylan’s Candy Bar, Forbidden Planet and Midtown Comics (below), Old Navy (of course), Carnegie Deli, Shake Shack, the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Natural History Museum, the Will Eisner exhibition at MoCCA, an electrical storm on top of the Empire State Building (above), the Apple Store on 5th Avenue (and in SoHo), finding a location used in the Will Ferrell movie ‘The Other Guys’ and seeing her ladyship the Statue of Liberty.

Rack of comics, Midtown Comics, New York City.

I’ve put some pics up on Flickr and some on Facebook, but I must warn you, they contain graphic scenes of gluttony, tall buildings and close ups of my stomach.

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