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Lardwatch #33 (wherein I gain another loss)

Cartoon of naked Steve Kirkendall blowing party kazoo.

Well folks, it seems that my desire to lose weight has beaten my lack of exercise and dietary restraint and somehow, the pendulum of poundage hath swungeth again to kill the two pounds I put on last week. I know, I can’t believe it either. Bearing in mind that I kinda feel it’s boring for y’all to read “This week I lost x pound(s)” and then the next week, “This week I gained x pound(s)”, I wondered about adopting a different system.

Howabout, if I lose weight, and my body has slightly shrunk, I’ll just post the word “IN” – likewise, if I gain weight and my body has expanded I’ll just post the word “OUT”. That way Lardwatch will be quicker for me to write, you’ll still know what’s going on and then after a few posts, I’ll post “SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT” and if it still keeps happening, I’ll post “WHOA-OOOH THE HOKEY-COKEY!!”. Then we can all bend our knees, stretch our arms and shout “RAH RAH RAH!”.

Just a thought…

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Changing man

Paul Weller at the UEA, Norwich 26/11/09.

I’ve seen Paul Weller once before – but that was on South Moulton Street and he didn’t have his guitar with him. Me and Mrs K saw him at the UEA last night – but this time he did have his guitar with him. Plus a brilliant band. He stormed through a two hour set (with two encores) playing songs from his back catalogue, including songs from The Style Council (‘Shout To The Top’) and the Jam (‘Start’, ‘Strange Town’). Larvvely!

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Fri-llustrator-day #31

Paul Bommer as a cake by Paul Bommer.

Hello Fri-llustrator fans! This week we’re going to the East End of London to walk up the apples and down the pears to see see me old china*, fellow-Capricorn and flat cap wearer, Paul Bommer. I discovered Mr B’s work via Ellis Nadler’s blog and what lovely gear it is too! He illustrates in one of those ‘looks-easy-until-you-try-it’ styles of drawing – lovely loose, angular marks with every line drawn with a knowing wink to his audience.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Paul Bommer.

Of course you’ll want to see more of his work, so why not whizz along to Paul Blommer’s blog or his spot on the Association of Illustrators web site or visit Paul Bommer’s own site with it’s fantastic home page (below).

Home page of Paul Bommer, Illustration and design.

*(By the way, I don’t really know Mr B, I just got carried away with the rhyming slang).

All images © 2009 Paul Bommer.

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Lardwatch #32 (boy keeps swinging)

Hi there, Lardwatchers! Two weeks ago, I was going to kill Lardwatch ’cos I thought the yo-yo weightloss/weightgain thing was boring (ie. gaining a pound one week, then losing it the next, regaining it the week after, losing it again etc, etc). Well, I’m glad you all made me change my mind, as this week the pendulum of poundage has swung harder and faster transforming the two pounds I lost last week, into a two pound weight gain this week! That’s twice the excitement!

Seriously tho’, I am fed up of all this and I wish it was weightloss all the way, but I’m kinda trapped into one of those ‘can’t-take-as much-exercise-as-I’d-like’ periods of my life, coupled with ‘not-really-watching-what-I’m-eating’ periods, thereby giving myself a bit of comfort to forget how fed up I am for not exercising. This is the usual vicious cycle that most people losing weight face and for me, my failure is the lack of exercise. It’s not just the fact that exercise kills calories, but it also makes you feel better and is a great stress buster. And I say this, as the most unathletic, unsporty person you’ll ever meet – so much so, that once in a gym someone mistook me for a piece of furniture. But I digress. I will try to lose those two pounds by next week, gentle reader, and dare to dream that with Christmas and then my 50th birthday approaching, I can keep my weightloss dream alive.

After all, I don’t want people saying “Is he on a yo-yo diet, or is he just breathing in and out slowly?”

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So who wants some cheap web dev books?

Pile of web development books Steve Kirkendall is selling.

When I started teaching myself front end web development, instead of doing what any young, smart individual would have done (ie Google everything) I bought myself a few books to get hold of XHTML, CSS and Javascript. However, me being me, a few books turned into a mountain and pretty soon I had all of Waterstone’s web design section residing on my study bookshelves, while their directors took early retirement based on the profits from my web book purchases.

But now I say, enough already! I have too many of these things and it’s time the books find themselves a new home and also to clear the decks for the new comic books I’m planning on buying in the new year (ahem). So, before I put them onto eBay, are there any web designers out there who would like to buy any of the books pictured above? They are all in excellent condition, some could even be described as new (only a few of them could be described as used) – just offer me a fair price, I’ll add a non-rip off postage price and get ’em to you.

Contact me via the comments below – but be quick, they’ll soon be appearing on eBay!

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Brewing up a storm

The Marketing-tings play Trowse Ski club.

Last night the third Novemberfest, Virgin Money’s annual brew-your-own beer competition, took place in the beautiful, traditional surroundings of Trowse Ski Club (no, really). This year the live music was supplied by Marketing’s finest band, The Marketing-tings, for whom I play bass guitar and sing falsetto (often at the same time – that’s talent for you). Me and my band mates, Jenny (vocals), James (lead guitar), Rich (Rhythm Guitar) and Simon (Drums) whipped up a dancehall frenzy that made we wonder if we were going to create on avalanche outside (if it’s possible to create an avalanche on a dry ski slope). It seemed to go really well, with much clapping, whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ from the audience at the end.

UPDATE: My colleague Ellie sent me a selection of pics of the Marketing-tings in full flight. From left: James, Jenny, Simon (on the drums behind Jenny) and my good self. Not pictured: Rich on guitar on the extreme left (so extreme he’s out of the picture). Oh, and here’s the set list (below).

Marketing-tings set list for Virgin Money’s 3rd annual Novemberfest.

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Lardwatch #31 (It’s back!)

Steve Kirkendall’s diet aids – beer, pizza and stress

Well, after I tried to put Lardwatch out to pasture last week, I was inundated by a mountain of emails, blog comments and rude post-it notes demanding that it should continue. And so, rising like a Phoenix from the ashes (or a cake in the oven), Lardwatch lives again!

And amazingly, considering the recent Paris trip, boozy Halloween and general calorie-scoffing, I have actually lost two pounds since last week! How I am doing this I do not know – I can only put it down to my hectic schedule both at home and at work. Anyway, here’s to more good news next week!

(Sings to the tune ‘Hey Jude’) La-la-la-la-la-la-la…. La-la-la-la…. Laaaarrd-watch…

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Fri-llustrator-day #30

Illustration of Richard Stark’s Parker by Darwyn Cooke.

This week we look at one of my very favourite illustrators, the brilliant Darwyn Cooke. A graphic designer/art director turned cartoonist/animator, he draws in a wonderful classic style that he varies for great effect, creating the appropriate vibe for whatever story he’s illustrating. Mind you, it’s a wonder he can move his drawing arm, weighed down as it is by three Eisner Awards, two Harveys, a National Cartoonists Society Award (USA) and Canada’s Shuster Award. He even has shares in an Emmy. Blimey!

He left animation ten years ago after doing sterling work on Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series and Men In Black: The Series to concentrate on comics or more accurately, sequential story strips (we really are going to have to come up with a better name than that one day).

Comic strip illustration from 'Deja Vu' by Darwyn Cooke.

Of course, I’m still playing catch up with his work mainly because I’ve been living under a stone these last few years with regard to reading comics. I bought his Batman: Ego And Other Tales (above) and enjoyed it enormously and recently picked up his latest meisterwerk, his adaptation of Richard Stark’s Parker The Hunter (top) when I was in Paris the other week. Even though I was supposed to be on a dedicated French comics mission, I couldn’t resist this book. The fact that the main character was a favourite of Ed Brubaker made it even more attractive (Mr Cooke has, of course, worked with Mr Brubaker on Catwoman).

And now I find myself atop a diving board (oh alright, my drawing board) waiting to plunge into his version of The Spirit, Absolute DC: The New Frontier and anything else of his I can lay my hands on. Are you listening, Santa?

PS. Rob and I were in London last night for the Paula Scher D&AD Presidents Lecture and we popped into Gosh on the way, where I couldn’t help noticing that their copies of Parker The Hunter had signed limited edition bookplates by Dawyn Cooke. I should’ve bought one, but I behaved myself. Mental note: Check Gosh first…

All images © 2009 DC Comics/IDW Publishing/Darwyn Cooke.

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I bet you didn’t know....

Most cars’ horns beep in the key of 'F' – cartoon from Learn Something Every Day

That most cars’ horns beep in the key of F?

This and other highly important facts are over at Learn Something Every Day a lovely little site put together by those creative geezers at Young.

Via Swiss Miss.

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