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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Joe’s Christmas card for me and Karen

I’m now off for my Christmas break – whatever you’re doing over the holidays, enjoy!

See you next year!

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Are you twins or am I drunk?

SPAYED play the Virgin Money Marketing department Xmas shindig

I have finally recovered from the Virgin Money Christmas party last Tuesday night. It was a really brilliant night. I was part of the house band SPAYED (that’s me in the Spidey outfit) who played one set and then did another impromtu stint later. My performance was sponsored by Guinness.

It’s been a really busy time at Virgin Money this year and especially in the studio, so it was good to let off steam. Although I should have kept some steam for the following day as I had an very early start, but hey, that’s not rock and roll, is it?

See pics here.

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Flash! War! What is it good for?

Flash symbol fights back!

Just got sent this by Mr. P – flippin’ funny.

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Bubbles and Squeek

Imperial Pompadours sleeve by Barney Bubbles

After Ace Jet 170 mentioned the upcoming Barney Bubbles book he later mentioned a post about Bubbles on the John Coulthart site.

One of the many people to leave a comment there was a David Wills (aka Squeek), who was Barney Bubbles’ great mate back in the day. He has his own blog about his early days with Mr. B. I started to read it last night – it’s a facinating read for any fan of Barney Bubbles’ life and work – read it here.

Above: Barney Bubbles’ sleeve for The Imperial Pompadours, image courtesy of John Coulthart. He also sent me this link about the album itself which sounds like a bit of a bonkers affair.

Below: A Bubbles-designed tour badge for Elvis Costello’s “Punch the Clock” tour. Note the mixed type-size along the top – a lovely, funny touch. Oh, and it’s gone yellow ’cos I got it in 1983.

Barney Bubbles badge for Elvis Costello’s 'Punch the Clock' tour 1983

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System of a grid

The Grid System, a new online resource

The very talented Mr. Carusone of AisleOne has launched a fantastic online resource of all things grid-related for you swiss-minded designers out there.

The Grid System lists really useful online articles and tools, books, grid templates and blog posts. There’s also a great list of inspirational sites and some goodies too.

And I love the link at the top right that lets you see the site’s own underlying grid.

Nice, we like!

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How not to build confidence in your company

Security door specialist has van door open

Sent in by our man in Hackney (© 2008 Neal Bradley).


I went to London...

Souvenirs from my trip to London

…and met my old friend Mark for our annual get together (he lives at one end of England and I live at the other). As usual we covered a lot of ground, kicking off at the Alan Aldridge exhibition at the Design Museum, drooling in Forbidden Planet and blissing out in Orbital where I picked up “Against Pain” by my new favourite artist, Mr Ron Regé Jr.

During all this, we ate lunch in a certain hamburger restaurant in Soho. While we were munching on our burgers, I suddenly realised that the person who had just sat next to me was Jessica Hynes, née Stevenson (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Dr. Who etc). Being a big fan of her work, I was dying to talk to her, but you don’t do that ’cos it’s not polite, plus she was working on her Macbook (white, just like mine). Eventually, I did have to talk to her ’cos they mixed up our bills. The ice having been broken, I then summoned the courage to start a proper conversation. However, I wasn’t quite sure how to start, so I asked her how she found the battery performance on her Macbook. What an opening line eh? Beat that, Simon Pegg!

Later on, after Mark had headed for home, I met my fellow Virgin Money web-heads, Rob and Kris, for dinner at Wagamamas and told them of my celebrity encounter. Rob said, “You didn’t really ask her about her Macbook battery did you? You muppet! Didn’t you get her autograph for your kids?” Wielding the now legendary Kirkendall wit, I replied “Er… no”.

Fed and watered we went off to the Sanky DA&D lecture, which was the usual inspirational shot in the arm that we creative types all need.

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