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Holmes and Watson

I watched Sherlock last Sunday night, the new BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock with Martin Freeman as his faithful partner, Dr Watson. Cumberbatch played Sherlock as a fast talking, streets-ahead-of-everyone, other wordly character, not too dissimilar I felt, to Dr Who. Ironically, this Sherlock is also a time traveller, leaving behind the fog shrouded streets of Victorian London, landing bang up to date in our car choked capital of 2010. Sherlock’s production team expoited the present day brilliantly, using superimposed text messages, mobile menus and at one point, even road signs and traffic lights to illustrate various scenes – this was combined with subtle pieces of set dressing that gave a faint victorian flavour as a nod to the source material.

The chemistry between Cumberbatch’s Holmes and Freeman’s terrific Watson was electric, the dialogue cracked along at a great pace, so much so that by comparison, the plot of their first case seemed a bit 40 watt by comparison. However, this was a brilliant reboot of the world’s most famous detective and on this showing I can see it running for many years, becoming must-see Sunday night TV. And if it doesn’t, I’ll eat my deerstalker.

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Carry on camping

Steve and Joe Kirkendall eating breakfast at their camp in the garden

Number One Son is becoming a big music fan. And Scouts has turned him into a big camping fan. So when I suggested that we go to Latitude next year, he was very enthusiastic. But, unlike him, I havn’t been camping for 22 years and I decided we needed some practice. So I bought a tent and a camping stove and promptly set up camp in the garden, and we slept outside for one night to test our new gear.

Camp cooking table before cooking

It was brilliant – Number One Son was in his element and I really don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy. Making breakfast outdoors while being three feet from your own kitchen was odd though, although not quite as odd as going to the toilet in your own garden.

Camp cooking table after cooking

I can’t wait for our camping trip at the end of next month as it will be for two nights this time, we won’t be in our garden as we’ll be at the coast, so (hopefully) lots of swimming, sunbathing and fish ‘n’ chips!

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iPhone 4 Bumper Refund

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Fri-llustrator-day #42

Illustration for Adidas by Olimpia Zagnoli, winner of the Adidas 'Celebrate Originality' campaign 2009.

This week’s Fri-llustrator-Day features a new discovery for me, thanks to a previous Fri-llustrator, Frank Chimero. While reading Mr C’s tweets last night, I followed a link he posted to Milan-based Olimpia Zagnoli. He mentioned the beautiful drawings she had on her site – intrigued, I popped over for a look.

Illustration for New York Book Review by Olimpia Zagnoli.

Wow – instead of the sketches I had in my minds eye, I came across the wonderful stylish images that she’s created for a wide range of clients including The New Yorker, The New York Times, Grazia and Nike. And last year she won the Celebrate Originality Award (see top illo) from Adidas as part of their campaign to, well, celebrate originality (and to sell shoes).

Illustration for 'Lo Donna' by Olimpia Zagnoli.

If you want to see more of her lovely illustrations, start your weekend with a smile and visit the Olimpia Zagnoli site. Bello lavoro, Olimpia!

All images © 2010 Olimpia Zagnoli.

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The Steven

'The Steven' laptop cover by Krochet Kids

Check out these cool, crafty laptop covers from Krochet Kids – they fit a 13” MacBook (like mine) and they’re called The Steven (like me). What’s not not to like?

Via Coolhunting.

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Cleaning up for Mandela Day

Virgin Money studio clean up Lakenham Way, Norwich. L-R: Archie Clifford, Steve Kirkendall, Matt Bullock, Paul Bennett, Richard Skelton, Kris Tryggvason, Jason Fisher, Lauren Heffernan and Joy Taylor.

Nelson Mandela was 92 last Sunday and sharing his birthday was Sir Richard Branson, head of the Virgin Group and owner of Virgin Money, who turned 60 the same day. Virgin Unite, our organisation’s charity arm, has done a lot of community work in Africa and they thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the 67 years of service that Nelson Mandela had given to his community, by encouraging Virgin employees to spend 67 minutes of their time doing something for their community. Archie Clifford, head of the studio at Virgin Money, decided that cleaning up Lakenham Way pathway (the old rail line that runs past Virgin Money back into Norwich) would be a great way to spend our 67 minutes.

So, on Monday Lunchtime, armed with litter grabbers, black plastic bags and a Sainsburys’ trolley (one of the first things we found as we began our clean up operation) we worked our way down the path, picking up paper, cans, garden chairs, bits of furniture and even a duvet. Archie had arranged for the Eastern Evening News to come along, hoping we might get some coverage to publicise our work and we were lucky enough to make the following day’s edition of the Eastern Evening News. Unfortunately, they ruined it somewhat by using a picture of me, but hey, nothing’s perfect. So, in order to readdress this, here’s a picture of the whole team (except for Sallie, who took the picture) with our treasure trove of trash.

Left to right: Archie, Me, Matt, Big Paul, Rich, Kris, Jase, Lol and Joy.

UPDATE: We’ve now made the Virgin Unite site.

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Lardwatch #48 (Kirkendalland wins!)

Steve Kirkendall riding bike with 'Weigh-o-matic' saying "You are now Jabba The Hutt, less three pounds"

Well folks, I don’t know if you can hear me over the deafening roar of vuvuzelas or see me through the flood of ticker tape and streamers here in the Lardwatch stadium in Calorie Town, as I raise the ‘Slimmer of the Week’ trophy high above my head. Kirkendalland has beaten Weightgain by three pounds, which is a right result in anyone’s book. My incredible bulk now clocks in at a mere 12 stones and I laugh at the ‘Mediocre Slimmer of the Week’ award I was holding the other week.

Actually (face reddens) it’s not all as good as it seems – my adventures in London the week before last meant that I gained two pounds, which is why there was no Lardwatch last week. So I have only really moved forward by a pound after losing those two gained in London. But, it does mean that the regular cycling I’m doing is having an effect, so hopefully, I’ll be into 11 stone territory next week – Hooray!!

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A year in Amsterdam

Cover illustration of Toby Morris' book 'Alledaags'

I’m on a bit of a Dutch high at the moment (no, not THAT kind) what with Holland through to the World Cup final and all. So, I was amused to come across Alledaags, by New Zealander Toby Morris, a book containing a years worth of cartoons (over 300 – count ‘em!) taken from his journal documenting his observations of Amsterdam, after relocating there to work at Wieden + Kennedy.

You can buy Alledaags for a measly €30 here and take a sneek peek at some of the drawings here. All profits go to the Guy Champney Memorial Fund.

Via Creative Review.

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