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iWon on the radio

Cartoon of Steve Kirkendall dancing with his new iPod shuffle

Glossing over my unipressive weight-loss, I actually have had a great start to the week. Tom Hacksaw, a web geezer at Virgin Money, has his own online radio show called Selection Box over at ReachOnAir.com. I listened to both his shows this weekend and on the Sunday show, I sent in a request for Suede’s ‘Animal Nitrate’. Not only did I get to hear my name and request played on air, but I was the lucky winner of an new 4G iPod shuffle that Tom was offering to his listeners! How cool is that?

Listen to the Hacksaw’s show next weekend, when there may be more swag up for grabs!

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Lardwatch #15 (weigh will rock you)

Cartoon of naked Steve Kirkendall playing guitar. Arrow pointing to him saying 'Heavy Rocker'.

“Hey there, fit fans, welcome to Flab FM – here is today’s chart listing for the top fatties forty. Still at number 40, there’s no change for the Steve Kirkendall Gastric Band who’s still at 11 stones and 12 pounds…” CLICK – that’s enough of that. I still don’t get it. I cycled four times last week, had a few power walks lunchtime, eaten salads every day for lunch at work and I’ve only lost a few ounces. Crazy.

There’s more bad news. I didn’t cycle after Thursday, as I finally caught one of the many contagious diseases flying around the Virgin Money studio. So I havn’t felt that great over the weekend and as a result, some extra calories have been ingested (more summer fairs with their Burger and Guinness pushers on every corner). So depending what exercise I do this week (and more accurately what my body does with it) I’m not sure next week’s weigh-in will be that great. It is frustrating – I’ve never found it this hard to lose weight before, especially with the all exercise I’m taking.

Oh well, here’s to a better chart position on Flab FM next week, pop pickers…

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Fri-llustrator-day #21

Guardian Comment Section – Aid Illustration by Simon Pemberton

Today I’m featuring another favourite illustrator of mine, Simon Pemberton. Ex- of the Monster illustration collective and now with those lovely talented people at Heart, Mr P has been on my radar for quite a few years now. Falling into that category of illustrators I’d love to use but never have, his digital-meets-analogue style wowed me when I first saw it and continues to do so today.

Guardian Money Section – Bear vs Bull illustration by Simon Pemberton

Not only does he have a beautiful style, but he always has a great concept behind his work, which is why he is in such demand by editorial clients such as The Guardian and The Independent, to name but two.

Independent Review – Ghost Story illustration by Simon Pemberton

Simon Pemberton’s website is a luvverly Flash-powered display of his work; go visit to see more.

All images © 2009 Simon Pemberton.

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Lardwatch #14 (yes weigh, baby)

Good news, anti-flab fans! The cycling hath prevail-ed and mine frame hath diminished by not one, but two pounds! Yea verily, there was celebration in Castle Kirkendall over the weekend! Speaking of which, I had a very laid back time this weekend because I did no chores and I didn’t even go out on my bike. And as yesterday was Fathers Day, that meant a massive breakfast and a big dinner at the Queens Head, Hethersett. However, I am planning to cycle every day this week to minimise the damage (he said quickly).

Speaking of Fathers Day, my son Joe drew a spontaneous Fathers Day card (he’d already bought me one) between waking up at six am and getting up at seven am. I loved it so much, I’ve cannablised it and reproduced it here to illustrate this week’s Lardwatch. I feel ashamed – my friends are always telling me to start a comic strip online and when I do, it’s not even my work (*blush*). Anyway, here’s Joe’s strip – enjoy!

PS. This isn’t really Lardwatch #14, it’s the number before that, that we don’t mention (just in case your thought my maths had deteriorated further).

The man who tried to lose weight (well, on a swimming pool) wrote by Joe Kirkendall, Illustrated by Joe Kirkendall
In a swimming pool, there was a man called Steve!
A lady walks in the swimming pool and sees him! "Can I play with your rubber ring?" "That's my stomach you’re talking about!"
Happy Fathers Day! Love from Joe

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LESS is more

Less – Ruby-based CSS creator

Just when you thought that CSS couldn’t be any neater, along comes Alexis Sellier and Dmitry Fadeyev with LESS, a Ruby-based solution that lets you create simpler CSS by using variables, nested styles, class embedding and proportional properties.

Visit the LESS site to learn more.

Via @kaichanvong.

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Fri-llustrator-day #20

Rama Hughes self portrait

Blimey, is it Friday again already? On this glorious sunny summer morning here in Englandshire, it cheers my soul even further to introduce you to this weeks Fri-llustrator, the wonderfully talented Rama Hughes. I discovered Mr. H when reading one of those web design compilation books (Web Design Index by Content .03) last year and his site design (page 162) just leapt out at me. On checking it out for real I was really stoked (as the kids say) to see well crafted drawings, created by someone who is as nutty about comics as I am. And he’s nutty about drawing too – he is a teacher as well as a working illustrator and even his nearest and dearest have started having that faraway look in their eyes when he kicks off again for another enthusiastic monologue about drawing and art.

Portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Rama Hughes

Again, I am really spoilt for choice as to which illustrations to show you and I hope you are sufficiently inspired by these drawings to visit the Rama Hughes site to see more. Tip: Give yourself plenty of time, there’s a lot to see and it’s all wonderful. Oh, and by the way, it seems that one of his pet projects is a thing called Illustration Friday * com, (I didn’t nick their title, honest) a weekly challenge to illustrators to illustrate a topic set by the site in whatever creative, fun way they choose. Maybe I should give it a go myself one week…

Girl reading comics by Rama Hughes

All images © 2002-2009 Rama Hughes.

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Lardwatch #12 (steady as weigh go)

Well, even though I didn’t eat too naughtily last week, I wasn’t able to cycle as much as I wanted to either and as a result, I have lost no weight and am still in the 12 stone holding bay. It doesn’t help that by day I am mild-mannered Mr. Dad, but I am also known as SUPER-TAXI-DRIVER-FOR-MY-KIDS-MAN. And when I am wearing my tights and flying along behind of the wheel of my Mini, ferrying my offspring hither and thither, the cycling don’t get done and that fat don’t go.

And to be fair, my daughters birthday party (last Tuesday) wasn’t going to make the pages of ‘Weight Watchers Magazine’ any time soon anyway. Even though I would prefer to spare you the grisly details, Mrs. K papped (bapped?) me unlocking my jaw, snake-like, to devour this double-stacked burger and demanded that I illustrate this week’s ‘Lardwatch’ with it (instead of the usual cartoon) as it might show you, gentle reader, (in her words) “What a great big fat greedy pig you are”.

Steve Kirkendall eating a double stacked burger at Zak’s Waterside Bar and Grill

By the way, it’s our wedding anniversary today, and it’s loving phrases like that, that keep the fire burning (with me barbequing a rack of ribs on top of it).

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Fri-llustrator-day #19

pt-tokioblock-08t by e-boy

Today we whizz from last week’s beautiful analogue drawings of Charles Barsotti and scream into the future with the pixel-pushin’ artistry of eBoy. Often imitated, but never equalled, the complex, yet simple style that the Berlin-based eBoys Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr have been pioneering since 1997 has delighted people (peecol?) all over the world. For me, their work is reminiscent of George Hardie, who was the first person I can remember to have a famous signature isometric style of illustration. Although Hardie used Rotring pen and gouache, his also much-imitated style was a front for some funny, witty and downright intelligent thinking, just like eBoy’s work. That, and their unerring eye for detail and colour, is what makes them stands head and shoulders above every imitator who has tried to ape them.

pt-audibot-03k by e-boy

They have worked for all of the usual suspects (Adidas, Adobe, Coca-Cola, Google, Levi’s, Microsoft, Paul Smith to name but a few) producing posters, books, mugs, toys, stickers and the obligatory t-shirts. Just like Siggi Eggertsson of Fri-llustrator-day #16, I had a real job deciding what pieces of their work to use to illustrate this post as I really just wanted to use all of it. I can’t of course, so why not pop over to the eBoy site and have a right old fri-llustrator-day feast for your eyes. And if you’re feeling flush, why not treat yourself to some great eBoy gear from their shop. As I said here, I really wanted to buy a bag eBoy did for Gola, but was persuaded otherwise by my family. Sigh…

kdr6t-frontandback by e-boy

All images © 1997-2009 eBoy Sauerteig/Smital/Vermehr.

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The Kirkenwall*

Here’s me in front of a brick wall…

Steve Kirkendall in front of a brick wall

…and here’s me as a brick wall.

Steve Kirkendall as a brick wall

Pics: Rob Skinn (top); Andy Bobbin (bottom).

* This was Andy’s title too.

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