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Gosh! It’s Clowes and Ware!

Jack Kirby’s Orion holding up postcard advertising the Dan Clowes/Chris Ware signing at Gosh Comics

Yesterday I met my friend Mark in the queue for the Daniel Clowes/Chris Ware/Comica/Gosh-Comics-signing-thingy in London. We had made a special effort to be there – I came all the way from Norwich (gasp!) and Mark came all the way from Bath (wow!) – however, while we were chatting to people in the queue we discovered someone had come all the way from Denmark. But we think he only did that to make Mark and I look silly (and no one likes a show off). Anyway, because we’d joined the queue really early, we were in the first group of people to meet Messrs C & W. As we entered the basement we saw some other famous comic creators, who had come for a brief pre-signing chat, (namely Rian Hughes and Sean Phillips) take their leave. When we met our heroes I was unusually stuttery and tongue-tied, but I managed to tell them I used to work in Chicago (where I bought my copy of Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid On Earth from Graham Crackers Comics in the loop) and they were both as charming and friendly as you’d imagine them to be.

My Chris Ware signed Lambiek calling card

Chris Ware signed my Jimmy Corrigan and my two Lambiek comic/business cards (above, one signed for me, the other for Number One Son), while Daniel Clowes signed my copy of Wilson (below). I had also bought Ghost World, but felt bad about asking him to sign that as well. Once outside, Mark and I felt giddy and elated and set off for lunch at Ed’s Easy Diner, before visiting Forbidden Planet and the new, larger, improved Orbital comics.

My signed copy of ‘Wilson’ by Daniel Clowes

I’d like to thank Mark once again for the copy of Comic Art, Issue Seven featuring an article about Harvey Kurtman’s post-Humbug freelance career. Mark said he bought it for me as I was the only person nuttier about Kurtzman than he is (which is true) – or was it I was just nuttier than he is (which is also true).

Here’s to the next time, Comic Comrade!!

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Fuelling hope with ‘Hurt’

After my jQuery For Designers jaunt to London on Friday, I returned to the capital the very next day with Mrs K to attend the launch of Hurt, the debut book by Julia Webb-Harvey. Hurt deals with the pain parents and carers experience on discovering that their child has been sexually abused and how this affects both them and their families.

Cover of 'Hurt' by Julia Webb-Harvey

Julia’s an old friend of ours and we were proud to be celebrating her achievement along with a large gathering of friends, parents featured in the book and members of Mosac, the voluntary organisation supporting all non-abusing parents and carers (Mosac will receive all of the profits from the sale of Hurt). We were also to proud to have a made a small contribution to the production of Hurt as Mrs K was a contributing proof reader and I designed the cover.

Congratulations again Julia – here’s to your next book!

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Fab Friday @ jQuery For Designers

I went to London last Friday to attend the jQuery For Designers workshop with the terrific Remy Sharp. Organised by Stuff & Nonsense as part of their For A Beautiful Web evangelism, I was really looking forward to having my mind expanded jQuery-wise. Doing my best zombie impersonation after catching the bleary-o-clock train to London, I emerged from Euston Square tube where my iPhone gently led me to Wallacespace St Pancras, the fabulous venue for this workshop. Finally finding the correct door/floor after going through every other one, I then proceeded to mistakenly use the Ladies loo (it was still early for me, officer) much to the amusement of the lady who came in after me. Red faced, I went off to register and sat down quickly before I did anymore damage.

The workshop itself was brilliant – Remy Sharp did a fantastic job explaining core jQuery concepts, including best practices in how to place, as well as implement your jQuery, along with great little ’gotchas’ that ironed out small, but annoying bugs in a couple of popular effects (like adding animation height offset to accordians to kill any jumping and adding .stop() to kill effects queues building up). Along with his greatly informative slides (given to all delegates as pdfs before things kicked off) he provided a comprehensive list of jQuery resources and gave everyone a lesson in how to use Firebug/FireQuery with Firefox to, you’ve guessed it, debug/query web pages. Really, there was enough information to create a two-day workshop (as evidenced by a couple of the exercises Mr S had prepared but we were unable to look at as time ran out) but it made for a incredibly stimulating and informative day – I recommend anyone interested in keeping on the cutting edge of web design to give these For A Beautiful Web workshops a look. AND I got to meet Andy Clarke and had a butchers at his iPad too. A great day.

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Tears for a ’Ting

Say goodbye to Wallyman of the mighty amenders

It is with a heavy heart (and a hungover head) that I relate the news that the wonder drummer of The Marketing-Tings, Mr Simon Wallwork, leaves Virgin Money today. He is off to join Subway (insert weak jokes about drum/bread rolls and big baps here) where he will be drumming up business (sorry) from within their marketing department. Of course, this sounds the death knell for The Marketing-Tings, who will no doubt rise again in another form. But it won’t be the same and that’s kinda sad.

Excuse me, I think I’ve got something in my eye…

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