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Norwich got a brand new Apple Store!

I didn’t make the opening of the new Apple Store Norwich in the end ‘cos it was my son’s tenth birthday and I didn’t want to be missing for the present opening and his special birthday breakfast. Plus he was playing a gig at 11am at the opening of the new Hethersett Youth Club and I was roady-ing for him. We did visit yesterday though, and it was wonderful. I really still can’t believe we have an Apple Store here in lil’ ole Norwich at long last.

I saw this on YouTube this morning (via @stephenfry) and it really made me laugh – whoever made this is a right old clever mawther.

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Fri-llustrator-day #28

Marathon business illustration by David Plunkert.

Ah, Baltimore! Home of The Wire, Hairspray and my new favourite illustrator, David Plunkert. Mr P draws in many styles, but it’s his George Hardie meets Paul Blow ‘block’ style that really made me fall off my seat. Even though he’s new to me, he is a long established illustrator who has worked for the great and good (MTV, Nike, Adobe, Sony, IBM) and has a pile of awards to prove it.

Spaceman illustration by David Plunkert.

Visit the David Plunkert Illustration site or check out his ‘block stock’ at theispot.com to see what I mean. Also check out his brilliant robot prints over at PrestoBingo.

Credit Card Trap illustration by David Plunkert.

All images © 2009 Spur Design/David Plunkert/Joyce Hesselberth.

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Apple Store Norwich opens!!

At last! The Apple Store Norwich is opening in Chapelfield this Saturday 26th September at 10am. If you’re one of the lucky first thousand people through the door, you’ll even get a free t-shirt! I’m hoping I’ll be among that number, but it’s Joe’s birthday too, so I may be elsewhere when they open first thing. However, I aim to visit – so if you see a bald bloke, dribbling and muttering “want that, want that…” over and over again to himself, that’ll be me.

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Lardwatch #25 (no pain, no gain)

Steve Kirkendall in shopping basket.

Oh dear – nothing to report this week as there’s been no change on the weight front, folks. No loss, no gain. Nuffink, nil, nada, zilch, zero. The only thing I feel I may be losing is the motivation to keep my eye on my weight. Trouble is, I have too much real life going on at the moment to make time for exercise. However, I did turn down the curry in the canteen today in favour of a much-less calorific cheese roll, so that’s a few rolls of flab kept away from my jelly-like body. And as Asda says, ‘Every little Helps’…

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Fri-llustrator-day #27

Illustration by Robin Chevalier.

After last weeks incredibly local Fri-llustrator-day, today we are whizzing south, down to Kent-shire to knock on the door of Robin Chevalier, Senior Lecturer at Maidstone’s University of the Creative Arts and all-round fab illustrator. I am a big admirer of Mr Chevalier’s work as is Nokia, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal to name just a few.

Illustration by Robin Chevalier.

If you’d like to see more of his work, visit the Robin Chevalier illustration site or look at his portfolio page on eastwing.

All images © 2009 Robin Chevalier.

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New Comics, London, Paris

Joe Kirkendall standing in front of 'Driftwood', Bedford Square, London.

As I mentioned in the Lardwatch below, Team Kirkendall went to London last weekend for a bit of shopping. I was really excited because I was taking Number One Son on a rite of passage tour of my favourite comic shops. We started off in Gosh. I love Gosh. They have a great selection of beautifully presented comics, all smiling at you, willing you to take them home. I patched up holes in my Incognito collection, bought Bat-Manga, a new Chip Kidd/Geoff Spear/Saul Ferris tome about Japanese Bat-tales in the sixties, as well as a beautiful, beautiful book called Paris, by British creators Andi Watson and Simon Gane.

Paris by Andi Watson and Simon Gane

This book alone was worth the trip to London – a wonderful romantic story, sumptuous, stylish drawings with lots of architectural detail, it really made you feel like you were wandering around the arrondissements. It has got to be my favourite graphic novel this year and Watson and Gane are two great new discoveries for me. However, it also came out in 2007, so it’s another late exclusive for you folks! Another late discovery I made was Scott Pilgrim. I picked this up on the Forbidden Planet leg of our journey, after eyeing it for some time and it’s superb! Great characters, great stories and terrific Manga-style illustrations. It’s soon to be a major motion picture, directed by Edgar Wright (Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, etc).

By the time we left the ‘Planet (as we cool kids call it), our arms were ape-like with knuckles dragging on the floor, weighed down by our ton of purchases. Which is why we never made it to Orbital as I didn’t think my hernia belt could take any more. That, and Number One Son wanted to go to Harrods… *sigh*

Top: Joe in Bedford Square in front of ‘Driftwood’ by Danecia Sibingo.

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Lardwatch #24 (taming the wobble)

Steve Kirkendall as Michelin Man, letting air out of one of his tyres.

Good news – even though I am still wobbling around in my 100% natural fat suit, I have decreased it’s WQ (Wobble Quotient) by one pound. And allowing for the fact that we had it large in London on Saturday and also had a rather extravagant tea last night, I am still confident that I can keep letting the air out of my spare tyre and lose all of my recent weight gain over the coming weeks (it says here).

Fingers crossed!

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Fri-llustrator-day #26

Hurley from Lost. Illustration by Andy Bobbin.

Yes, it’s back! Fri-llustrator-day returns after it’s little unplanned summer break and today we’re really close at home. In fact, the desk opposite me. Andy Bobbin, my colleague in the Virgin Money studio, is not only a fab designer, but also a closet illustrator. He’s just launched a tumblr site of new work he’s completed and what great work it is too. Visit bobbindrawedthis and see for yourself.

The Two Ronnies. Illustration by Andy Bobbin.

From top: Hurley from Lost; The Two Ronnies. All images © 2009 Andy Bobbin.

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Lardwatch #23 (a pound-ing headache)

Steve Kirkendall with fat head

Well, I seem to be continuing my descent from the orbit of good health and proper weight to the very large Planet Corpulent (in a reinforced space suit, of course) as for the third week running, I have gained weight. OK, it’s only another pound, but it’s not the direction I want to be going in. Still, today I’m cycling to work for the first time in a couple of months and the kids go back to school today, so our normal routine of running around stressed out and ignoring food starts again. Hopefully that will stem the tide of calories and I’ll have better news next week.

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