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A death in the family

It is with regret that I have to announce the following news. After a long illness and following three operations by Dr. Repairman, our washing machine passed away last night.

There will be a short service next Tuesday for close friends and family, after which the body will be interred from the top of Anglia Square multi-storey car park unto the ground below. The remains will then go to Kenninghall recycling depot.

No flowers please, but donations to the ‘unexpected debt’ fund launched in association with John Lewis white goods would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Comica 2008: The Good, the Bad and the Me

Kalibak battles Orion from Jack Kirby’s New God’s

The Good: Comica 2008, London’s fab comic-fest returns for two weeks at the Institute of Contemporary Arts featuring a great line up of guests including Dave McKean, Gilbert Shelton and Art Speigelman. There’s also an amazing itinery of talks this year including one about the mighty Jack Kirby.

The Bad: Comica 2008 ends on 26 November. I can’t get to London until 27 November.

The Me: Sigh…

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I am a real web designer now

Because I’ve got glasses that look like this:-

Steve K with his new trendy spes

And they’re varifocals… whooo!

Varifocal view the desk in my study

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Skibber Bee-Bye

Cover of Skibber Bee-Bye by Ron Regé

I found this amazing book in Forbidden Planet last week. Written and drawn by Ron Regé Jr, it has to be one of the most beautiful and original graphic novels I have ever seen. His drawings are absolutely wonderful and put me in mind of Keith Haring and the cartoon work of Bauhaus luminary Lyonel Feininger. I initially picked this up because the spine looked a bit like a Chris Ware book and ironically Mr. W is quoted on the back extolling the virtues of Mr. R.

I’ve put some pics of the cover and some pages on Flickr.

If you’re interested, the original edition (published in 2000) is still available on amazon.co.uk (I got the later Drawn & Quarterly edition from 2006) and I can highly recommend it.

See more of Ron Regé Jr’s work here.


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