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Merry Christmas Eve(ryone)!

Steve Kirkendall wearing his wooly Santa Hat with beard protector

In a few short hours, Team K will be winging their way up to Boston, Lincolnshire, for the Christmas meeting of the clans. The run-up to Christmas day has been enjoyable so far, what with the impromptu present opening this morning, while rocking my Secret Santa pressie from the Virgin Money Studio (above). Also of note was my Path Secret Santa, an original copy of Elvis Costello’s brilliant third album Armed Forces in all it’s wonderful Barney Bubbles designed glory.

Front cover of Armed Forces by Elvis Costello

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, I hope it ends in a very Merry Christmas!

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It's the end of the work as we know it

Steve K running as Santa.

Even if the Mayans get it wrong about the world ending today, I can confidently predict that my work is over for 2012. Yesterday was my last day at Virgin Money until January 2013 (if there’s going to be a January 2013) and I’m going to relax by cleaning the car, wrapping presents, walking the dog, mending laptops and running.

Ah, running – my new best friend. My last run was on Tuesday when I ran my fastest six miles ever (59.08 minutes). I’m really enjoying running at the moment, as I’m completely injury free and I’m not running slowly to appease my aches and pains as I was towards the end of my half marathon training. After running once a week since the half marathon, this week I’ve started running twice a week in preparation for my London Marathon training which begins in the new year.

Whatever you’re planning for 2013, may I wish you all the very best in getting there. And in the meantime, have yourselves a very Mayan, er, Merry Christmas!

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And here it is...

Steve Kirkendall as Santa with red nose, looking at Rudolph the reindeer

…Merry Christmas! Have a lovely holiday folks…

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